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Erosion is likely to submerge the largest fresh water River Island in next 15-20 years.

In 1996 alarmed by the apathy and inaction of public in general and authorities in particular a huge delegation of Sattradhikars and public leader of Majuli island converged in New Delhi and met various ministers in a bid to create awareness about the need to conserve the island from its destined extinction in the face of relentless erosion of the shores and banks by skimming waters of the river Brahmaputra. During one such meetings Professor Y.K. Alagh, the eminent economist and the then Minister of State for Programme implementation for Govt. of India suggested creation of an NGO that will work constantly for public-government partnership for saving the land from extinction. Taking cues from them, a general meeting was organized at the official residence of Dr. A.K Sarma, the Parliamentarian from the area and a resolution to form an NGO called MIPADC was adopted. Dr. Arun Kr. Sarma, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha was elected the founding Chairman and the local legislator Late Karua Datta was appointed to be the Working Chairman. Over the years MIPADC had made its efforts to further the cause of preservation of Majuli Island. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Sarma, Government of India was persuaded to nominate Majuli as World Heritage Site under Cultural and Natural category. The idea of nominating Majuli as a World Heritage Site was mooted by late Sanjoy Ghosh, of AVARD-NE, the social worker, who sacrificed his life while serving at Majuli. Former Secretary of Culture, of Govt. of India, N. Gopalaswamy, Former DG, ASI, K. G. Menon visited Majuli in June 2002 and were moved by the significant cultural properties of the place. It is to be mentioned here that in the year 1998 MIPADC had sent a dossier trough Ministry of Environment and Forest to UNESCO, which was a generic attempt for preservation of the diverse culture. Sh. Bharat Ch. Saikia, General Secretary of MIPADC, and many others had painstakingly drafted the dossier with years of experience (whose contribution in this dossier as a steering committee member is also commendable). However, the criteria for inscription was felt to be Cultural Landscape by UNESCO and another attempt was asked for. It is the untiring and relentless persuasion by MIPADC that had initiated Govt. of India to Nominate Majuli to UNESCO as World Heritage Site, Cultural Landscape in 2001. MIPADC's efforts have brought in other institutional support as well. NEDFI has commissioned a study to a Perspective Action Plan for development of Majuli without distorting the ecological and cultural balance. MIADC has offices in MajuIi, Guwahati and New Delhi. Shri Rajiv Lochan Pegu, tile local MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) presently is the Working Chairman of the organization. MIPADC has been over the years conducted many activities such as Training course on Manuscript preservation assisted by National Museum, Socio Economic Survey on Majuli, National Level Seminar on Preservation of Heritage; technical support for craft related activities, etc.

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