Majuli at a Glance

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Erosion is likely to submerge the largest fresh water River Island in next 15-20 years.

# The largest Mid-river Deltaic island in the World with a population 0.16 Million
# It is the Abode of Assamese Vaishnavite Culture religion preserve in the Vaishnavite Monasteries called Sattras, a National Classical Dance form of India the Sattriya Dance evolve in the Sattras of Majuli.
# A visible living tradition of men and nature relationship evolved over centuries by a protracted process of assimilation of diverse ethnicities.
# Located in South Asia.
# Situated in India's North Eastern State of Assam.
# It is a Sub-division of District Jorhat of Upper Assam.
# This island is in the middle of the Brahmaputra, India's most tempestuous river, which is 2880 Km. long from its source to destination and bay of Bengal.
# It is located 1100 Km from the mouth of the river Brahmaputra in Tibet.
# Its land mass extends for a length of about 80 KM along east-west direction.
# It lies between latitudes 26045' N and 27010' N and longitudes 93040' E and 94035' E and covers an area of about 880 sq. Km.
# The average height of this island above mean sea level varies from 85 to 95 meters.
# Majuli Island experiences annual Flood and Land Erosion.
# A bio-diversity hotspot with a very unique assemblage.
# The Island has a tremendous potential for Spiritual, Cultural and Eco-tourism.
# The Cultural and National uniqueness of Majuli's Heritage is presently undergoing scrutiny and consideration for declaring it as World Heritage site as Cultural landscape by UNESCO.

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